Squirrels Prefer Peanuts vs. Sunflower Seeds When Given a Choice

The reason I chose this question was because I had wondered not just if squirrels would take the time to get a nut, but if they perceived the inherent value of a peanut compared to a sunflower seed. I found this interesting, because of the risk v. reward portion of this question, and experiment.
To build the squirrel feeding platform, I will take one 3-by-3 piece of plywood, and screw one 2-by-4 on each side to create a platform surrounded by raised edges. Repeat these steps for the other 3-by-3 and 2-by-4s. Then, having built the necessary platforms to hold the seed where squirrels can reach them without too much effort, and so that they can grab some seeds quickly if being pursued by a predator, I will weigh the feeding platform. After that, I will spread 200 grams of hulled sunflower seeds evenly over the feeding platform. This will be the starting weight. I will repeat this for the other platform as well, with shelled peanuts.
The mean of the data from feeder one (or the one with peanuts) is approximately 199.68 grams, including outliers. The mode is 200 grams. The median, however, is 200.
The mean of the data from feeder two (or the one with sunflower seeds) is approximately 141.83 grams. The median of the data set is 160.5. The mode is 200. The range of my data is 181 grams. My conclusion was that squirrels will eat peanuts more than sunflower seeds when given a choice.

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