Squirrels Prefer Non-predator Scent Over Predator Scent

The purpose of my experiment is to see if squirrels would rather go to a non-predator scent site or a predator scent site. Then if you were trying to get rid of squirrels (or attract them) you would know what would work in terms of scents. Or if you were going to research squirrels yourself.
The basic design of my experiment, was putting square cardboard boxes with bait and two different scents around each one (non-predator and predator). Then recording how many squirrels visited with a trail camera. I conducted this experiment for one month.
The results from my experiment were successful. It distinctly showed the difference of what the squirrels preferred. I used a table and scatter plot to convey my data in the most effective way, and you can see the data clearly. It also showed that my EQ was correct, in that squirrels prefer the non-predator scent site, although the results for the predator scent site surprised me.
In my conclusions I go into more detail in what I talked about in my findings for the results. I also go over what variables might have changed the experiment. Such as ineffective bait, the trail camera didn’t catch every visit, in a too opened or closed area, etc.

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Edgecumb, ME
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Center for Teaching & Learning
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This is such a fascinating article! It is interesting to think about how scents impact animal behavior. I wonder how squirrels react to human-made scents.

I noticed that you mention a graph and a table, but neither of these are present in your article. Feel free to resubmit your work with your results if you want them included.

~The VS Team