Native SpeciesCaddisfly larva

Trichoptera (order)
FOUND by Madi_12
ID Confirmed
Quality checked by Mrs. Tate
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Field Notes
After stepping into the stream and picking up a rock I found a 'clump' of pebbles on the bottom.
Supporting Evidence
Photo of my evidence.
We found the Caddisfly in its case under a rock in Mill Stream. We know that it is a Caddisfly because its case is made out of pebbles, and from what we could find, Dobsonflies do not create cases because they lack silk glands.
Photo of my evidence.
Its case is the right length to be a caddis fly, 18 millimeters. Dobsonflies do not have a case, they stay on the bottom of the stream under rocks.
Photo of my evidence.
The Caddisfly that was in the case was small and brown. It looked more like a mini salamander, when Dobsonflies larvae look like mini centipedes.
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I think I found it
Scientific name:
Trichoptera (order)
Common name:
Caddisfly larva
Sampling method: 
Just looking around
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Photo of our sampling method.
Place Studied
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N 44.727835 °
W -68.627096 °
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Freshwater - In a stream or river
Trip Information
Mill Stream
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Fri, 2014-08-29 11:30
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Species Survey
Eastern Coastal
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Hey Madi

Good job, I didn't find any errors at all :).
Wow the Cattisfly looks just like a salamander.

~ Brianna