Invasive SpeciesOriental bittersweet

Celastrus orbiculatus
FOUND by mkah
Westbrook Maine
ID Confirmed
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Field Notes
I’m happy because I got to work with friends. We also found the plant fast. Also this project was fun! I see tall trees. I hear construction and wind against leaves. I smell sweet good smelling smells. I am surprised I found good smelling berries. I was surprised it wasn't hard to find, or short. Some problems were... We had trouble finding the GPS calculations. We also tried to smell the bark, but it has no smell.
A sketch of our study site.
Supporting Evidence
Photo of my evidence.
We found Celastrus Orbiculatus. Each leaf is glossy and round shaped. The leaves are 5cm long with pointed tips.
Photo of my evidence.
We found Celastrus Orbiculatus.The seasonal change creates berries in Fall. The berries turn a reddish orange before they blossom into a flower.
Photo of my evidence.
We found Celastrus Orbiculatus. There are vines wrapping around the tree instead of having a stem. They tangle around eachother while going around a tree.
Species Observation: Species Looked For
Did you find it?: 
I think I found it
Scientific name:
Celastrus orbiculatus
Common name:
Oriental bittersweet
Sampling method: 
Just looking around
Photo of our sampling method.
Place Studied
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Map this species
N 43.667600 °
W -70.345630 °
Observation Site Information
A photo of our study site.
Upland - Developed areas
Trip Information
Trip date: 
Mon, 2015-09-28 08:00
Town or city: 
Westbrook Maine
Type of investigation: 
Species Survey


Hi mkah,

You've definitely found Asian bittersweet. With great photos, evidence, and a beautiful sketch to boot, it was easy to confirm your ID.

Thanks for posting great data!