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Research reports Does Cape Elizabeth Have a Healthy Marine Ecosystem? My project’s purpose is to determine whether or whether not Cape Elizabeth has a healthy marine ecosystem. I used Vital Signs to record and count data from inventories on the crab species and periwinkle species. I did this for each individual species so I could determine if the invasive species were dominating the native crab and periwinkles. My findings indicate that the green and Asian shore crab and common periwinkle (all invasive) have diminished the native crab and periwinkle population. 2015-05-22 CTLRedalgae 1
Research reports Does Heterosiphonia Japonica affect native seaweed species? Abstract: I: Does the invasive species, red algae really affect the native species meaning taking away sources the native species of seaweed needs to survive. M: I read through all the data in vital signs for heterosiphonia to see if as the invasive species grows the native seaweed dies. R:Statistics shown on graphs and tables on where heterosiphonia was found and the percent cover. For example in Fort Williams state park in Maine the percent cover was 28%. C: In some places the invasive japonica is killing of the native species of seaweed and their population is decreasing. 2015-05-20 ctloaktree1990 1
Presentations, Videos: How-to DUCK! Equipment needed for VS freshwater investigations Brenna shows us the equipment she and her teammates at Sanford Junior High used to look for invasive aquatic plants at Number One Pond. Click on this link to view the video tutorial (watch out for the flying weed weasel! DUCK!): 2010-12-07 vitalteach 0
Research reports Eastern Teaberry Our 7th grade team is working on identifying all the types of species in the school campus. I chose a plant and it's not on vitals signs, but I think I know what it is. 2011-01-26 4AN17 1
Research reports EMS.C1.T1_HWA_NotFound_6.15.17 Our field mission was to search for Hemlock Woolly Adelgid in a Hemlock grove behind our school for It was not found. 2017-06-20 EMS.C1.T1 0
Research reports EMS.C1.T2_HWA_Found_6.15.17 Looking for Hemlock Wooly Adelgid at Epping Middle School and we found some. 2017-06-16 EMS.C1.T2 1
Research reports EMS.C1.T2_HWA_Found_6.19.17 Looking around with our science class for Hemlock Wooly Adelgid and we found some. 2017-06-20 EMS.C1.T2 1
Research reports EMS.C1.T3_HWA_notfound_6.15.17 Looking for Hemlock Wooly Adelgid at Epping Middle School and I did not find it. 2017-06-16 EMS.C1.T3 1
Research reports EMS.C1.T3_HWA_notfound_6.19.17 Looking for Hemlock Woolly Aldegid 2017-06-20 EMS.C1.T3 0
Research reports EMS.C1.T4_HWA_NotFound_6.15.17 We went out to find Eastern Hemlock and Hemlock Wooly Adelgid. 2017-06-20 EMS.C1.T4 0