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Journal articles Birds Prefer to Feed near Predators than Feed near a Competitor Abstract: 2018-03-30 ctloaktree1990 3
Journal articles Bird Baths Don't Help Attract Bird to a Feeder more than a Singular Feeder Would Is it easier to attract birds to your feeder if you place a bird bath next to it? Will the bath affect the birds who visit the feeder because of the suspected convenience provided? To find this out, I placed two identical feeders in similar places, one with a bird bath near it, and weighed the feeders every few days. Then, I would always reset them to the same amount of general bird seed in grams. After doing this for a month and a half, I found that including a bird bath in your backyard will not help draw birds to said backyard. 2018-03-30 ctloaktree1990 1
Journal articles Stationary Feeders Attract More Birds than Routinely Moved Feeders The purpose of this experiment was to study birds foraging habits and test their ability to follow feeding patterns. I set up two tube feeders; one of which would rotate between three different feeding locations and the other feeder that would be stationary. The stationary feeder served as a baseline to compare to my mobile feeder data. Every three days I measured and recording the amount of seed eaten and refilled the feeders. 2018-03-30 ctloaktree1990 1
Journal articles A Homemade Squirrel Baffle Works just as well as a Commercial Baffle when Deterring Squirrels from Pole Feeders I researched whether a homemade squirrel baffle made from entirely recycled materials works as well as a standard cone-shaped commercial baffle. I set up two feeders, one with each baffle, and set up a trail camera to catch the squirrels. Just about every Monday, Tuesday, and Friday, I reset the feeders, checked my camera, and recorded the data I found; the number of squirrels that defeated each baffle, and how persistent they were. I recorded the numbers in a table, and the behaviors in a pie chart. 2018-03-30 ctloaktree1990 2
Research reports Strawberries In Aquaponics vs. Soil We have an aquaponics system in our classroom. We have grown many different types of plants including strawberries. We have kept data to help us come up with our final decision if strawberries would grow better in soil or in our aquaponics system. 2018-02-15 gmsleech 4
Research reports Strawberries in soil vs aquaponics system We have an aquaponics system in our classroom. We have been growing many different kinds of plants including strawberries. We have kept data to help us come up with our final decision if strawberries would grow better in soil or in our aquaponics system. 2018-02-15 gmsmayfly 3
Journal articles Findings: Climate change is leading to unpredictable annual snowfalls in Maine; causing economical, and safety concerns for the state. Abstract The purpose of this investigation was to see how climate change leading to unpredictability in the annual winter weather in Maine could cause economic problems for the state. This investigation was conducted by collecting research and data from many sources, including Princeton University Library, The Weather Collector, DataRefuge, State Climate Summaries | NOAA National Centers for Environmental Information, and Portland Maine's annual public works report. 2018-01-30 1MW 4
Blog entries Investigating Macros with students in the 5th grade I am an environmental educator outside of the school, working with lots of different classes. This year I embarked on a macroinvertebrate and water quality analysis with 5th graders. “…So then, we will get back to the classroom with all of our information that we collected at the brook and put it on a website called Vital Signs. This is a website for Maine students and Maine scientists collecting data about lots of different questions. This is big time stuff! This is for real! Other students and scientists will see our data and comment on it!” (Extra arm waving for emphasis). 2017-12-29 Wetlands4Me 0
Journal articles Are Green Crabs Invasive? Green crabs are invasive and bad. Green crabs are overpopulated and they overpopulate other crabs. On October 23 2017 my class went to Reid state Park to collect green crab data and why their invasive. We went to Reid State Park and we caught and released green crabs, and while we had them we measured from the last spine to last spine on each side. These three pie charts show how many male and females we caught at Reid State Park. Two of the pie charts have more males than females but the last one at Fort Popham show more females than males. 2017-12-21 MarsBars 2
Journal articles Findings: How much Green Crabs have Grown at Fort Popham and Griffith’s Head Abstract Green crabs have been affecting our ecosystem for as long as they've been in Maine. We are learning about them because we want to now how to get rid of them and because they're destroying our ecosystem. We caught our crabs by using a usual crab trap and caught a lot of crabs. We also put nail polish on the crabs to see if we could catch them again. I analyzed data on every year at Fort Popham and Griffiths Head and put it in a graph. The graphs show that there's been more crabs collected at Fort Popham than Griffiths Head in a short amount of time. 2017-12-21 crabbydestroyers 3