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Journal articles Birds Behavior when Given the Choice of Black Oil or Striped Sunflower Seeds The purpose of this experiment is to find out how offering birds the choice of eating normal bird seed black oil sunflower seeds vs eating human seed striped sunflower seeds. I want to see how this changes bird behavior and how they react to this new food choice. I set up this design by hanging the two bird feeders each filled with one type of sunflower seed very close to each other so birds have the deliberate choice of which seed they want to eat. I am using two identical feeders, filled with the same amount of bird seed so the only difference in this experiment is the two sunflower seeds. 2018-03-30 ctloaktree1990 1
Journal articles Study on Squirrel Behaviors; Hanging vs. Stationary Platform Feeders (Results Inconclusive) Abstract 2018-03-30 ctloaktree1990 2
Journal articles Homemade Squirrel Repellent Effectively Alters Natural Foraging Behaviors From doing this experiment I wanted to discover if a homemade squirrel repellent does alter squirrels natural foraging behaviors, causing them to avoid the pallet, as shown in previous experiments. To conduct the experiment I had two pallets with 150 grams of black oil sunflower seeds on each, and put homemade squirrel repellent on one, then placed them 15 feet away from each other and took data points from both every 2-3 days. 2018-03-30 ctloaktree1990 4
Journal articles Ultrasonic Repellents Don't Affect Birds Behavior Abstract The purpose of this would be to figure out if ultrasonic repellents work regularly, if they are worth the investment and if they could be used commercially such as in airports to keep birds away from planes. and hopefully reduce the cost of the yearly damage cause by birds to planes. I put up 2 feeders one with an ultrasonic repellent and one without. On the one with the ultrasonic feeder i put a tracking camera to record if anything came. I record the data of the weight of the seed each time I fill the feeder three time a week. 2018-03-30 ctloaktree1990 1
Journal articles Birds prefer foraging cover or no cover I have observed that many people in Maine hang their bird feeders in sunshine with optimal bird viewing in mind. Thus, the research question presented itself. Do birds prefer to eat from a feeder placed in sunshine or in shade?” I will determine the validity of this hypothesis by setting up two identical bird feeders at CTL, at the same height, with equal squirrel proofing precautions (cageing, distance, etcetera) to keep the study impartial. I will set one up in full sunshine and I will set the other up in full shade. 2018-03-30 ctloaktree1990 1
Journal articles Birds Recognize the Risks of Different Heights While Foraging In this experiment, I was researching whether or not birds would recognize the risks of foraging at different heights. Background research showed that birds have to make decisions such as where they choose to eat, what time of day they choose to eat, what kind of food they choose to eat, and many more. I studied the dimension of height—how it effected foraging behavior, and if birds would recognize the different risks. To set up this experiment, I hung three suet feeders—one at 3ft., one at 6ft., and one at 9ft. 2018-03-30 ctloaktree1990 3
Journal articles Maine Birds Choose Camouflage Feeder Over Fluorescent Orange Feeder In this science paper, I wanted to figure out if birds preferred bright orange coloring or muted tones. My experiment gives an insight to which colors attract birds and which they see as danger. To create my experiment, I took two identical feeders and filled them with the same seed. Then I covered one feeder in bright orange duct tape and the other in camouflage. I hung the two feeders on the same tree, took them down each science class, and weighed them to find out how much seed had been eaten. 2018-03-30 ctloaktree1990 3
Journal articles Will Birds Be Effected By The Scent Of Thier Predators In the end I ended up moving my feeder four times due to squirrels ransacking my feeders and ripping the pegs off, which affected my overall experiment results. I also moved one of my feeders on a playground and that also affected my data because the birds were scared away by the children and the amount of noise in the area at the time. I conducted my experiment from there by filling each feeder with mixed seed until it weighed 856 grams from there I checked my feeders around three times a week. I also noticed that my feeders sometimes gained weight instead of feed being eaten. 2018-03-30 ctloaktree1990 3
Journal articles Birds use Audio clues just as much as Visual Clues when Foraging Abstract 2018-03-30 ctloaktree1990 2
Journal articles Scarecrow Next to Feeder Deters More Birds than Owl The research question I am working on is whether or not birds come to a suet feeder with a scarecrow or an owl next to it. The big deal is that farmers can put up a better device to protect their crops. Even restaurants like Sarah’s in Wiscasset can determine whether the fake owl they have on their deck is enough, or if they should replace it with a scarecrow. I will set up the feeders so that they are fifty feet away, and about the same height. I put the variable a foot away from the feeder and everyday I will go out to check them, and record the data. 2018-03-30 ctloaktree1990 2