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Journal articles Birds Behavior when Given the Choice of Black Oil or Striped Sunflower Seeds The purpose of this experiment is to find out how offering birds the choice of eating normal bird seed black oil sunflower seeds vs eating human seed striped sunflower seeds. I want to see how this changes bird behavior and how they react to this new food choice. I set up this design by hanging the two bird feeders each filled with one type of sunflower seed very close to each other so birds have the deliberate choice of which seed they want to eat. I am using two identical feeders, filled with the same amount of bird seed so the only difference in this experiment is the two sunflower seeds. 2018-03-30 ctloaktree1990 1
Research reports Narrow-leaved cattail • Family: Cattail (Typhaceae) 
• Habitat: marshes, especially brackish marshes
• Height: 3-6 feet
• Flower size: tiny flowers in a cylindrical head around 1/2 inch across
• Flower color: brown
• Flowering time: May to July
• Origin: native 2011-11-03 51hc5 0
Blog entries, Species Cards, Journal articles, Research reports Witch hazel On the campus of our school i think i found witch hazel but i need some help finding out what itt is it but i don't know so if you can please check out this below. On Tuesday October, 15 2013 we went outside and started looking for a new kind of plant on the massabesic campus. Our mission was to find a plant that had not been found before on the campus.I think I found some witch hazel but it's a little short in size but all the other dimensions are correct. The plant has made a great impact on the area around it and most of the plants have died out. 2013-11-05 53dr37 6
Posters "Superstar" art! Calling all artists! Vital Signs species expert "Superstar" is a scientist by day and artist by night. Check out his recent painting of a brittle star. It's quite super. While this painting is for inspiration, he promises more detailed and technical paintings for ID purposes in the future. Check it out, and tell our Superstar what you think of his hidden talent! 2011-01-24 gmri 0
Research reports 10 years of crab data from Moose Point State Park From students at James F. Doughty Middle School - "Grade 7 and 8 accelerated science students from the James F. Doughty Middle School went to Moose Point State Park to do a timed transect species survey. The transect size was 10 meters by 2 meters, and the transects were located in the inter tidal zone. We had 12 transects. After setting up the transects we did a trial run outside of the marked transects to get familiar with searching and picking up crabs. 2017-06-16 vitalteach 0
Videos: How-to 10-minute spring webinar A quick, 10-minute overview of the website enhancements for Vital Signs educators. This includes a refresher for how to set up investigations and team accounts in preparation for the spring field season. 2012-05-14 vitalteach 0
Videos: Scientists 2012 VS Community Video Here's your introduction to the Vital Signs community. This video highlights the experience of students who investigate local ecosystems for native and invasive species and share their observations, comments, and conclusions online with scientists and their peers. 2012-04-25 vitalteach 0
Videos: Scientists 2012 VS Professional Development Video What happens at VS institutes for teachers and out-of-school educators? This video offers a glimpse into how the VS Team thinks about, designs, and delivers professional development experiences. 2012-04-25 vitalteach 0
Species Cards 22 Species Cards by King Middle School students 70+ students at King Middle School in Portland, Maine worked together to build 22 species cards for the Vital Signs community! This was the culminating project for their spring Alien Invaders Expedition. What incredible work! Check out the great Creative Commons-licensed photos they found, the detailed sketches they made, and the species research they did. These cards will undergo an expert review process before appearing in our official library of species cards: 2012-06-11 gmri 1
Science Notebooks 4Group72's science notebook for investigation Memorial Middle School (Thu, 05/12/2011 - 10:30) scientific notebook 2011-06-08 4Group72 0