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Videos: Species Mackworth Island Day, Spring 2009 Students at Mackworth Island's Friends School in Falmouth team up with resource managers, citizen groups, and fellow students to carry out a Japanese Knotweed Eradication Project. The video is narrated in fine fashion by Lee Chisholm, Friends School teacher and Vital Signs advisor. 2009-11-04 vitalteach 1
Videos: Scientists Crayfish: Dr Karen Wilson, University of Southern Maine Dr Karen Wilson of the University of Southern Maine invites us all to join their statewide crayfish survey. She encourages us to look for native and invasive crayfish in nearby streams, rivers, and ponds, and to report our observations (both found and not found) on the Vital Signs website. 2009-11-04 vitalteach 0
Presentations afterschool biodiversity search After school kids in grades 5,6,7 and 8 do an inventory of the diversity in our school yard. Students used quadrats locate a random area. While photographing our designated area we came across a birch tree crawling with life! It was freezing out (30 degrees without the wind chill) but my kids were hot on the trail and quick with the shutter capturing the critters on the tree. Biodiversity was evident. 2009-11-05 mirving 0
Videos: Scientists Marine intertidal: Dr Larry Harris, University of New Hampshire Dr Larry Harris, professor at the University of New Hampshire, talks about some of the marine intertidal species of concern in Maine. These species include the Asian shore crab, European green crab, codium, and invasive tunicates. Many have moved into Maine, but are not yet found north of the Casco Bay area....or so we think. Listen to Larry, then go out and do some looking and reporting for yourself. 2009-11-09 vitalteach 0
Videos: Scientists Invasives across Maine: Curtis Bohlen, Casco Bay Estuary Partnership Curtis Bohlen, wetland ecologist and Director of the Casco Bay Estuary Partnership, talks about the plants and animals of concern in Maine's coastal, freshwater, and upland habitats. He impresses on the Vital Signs community the importance of tracking these species so we know what's new, what to worry about, how to intervene, and how to minimize impact. He awaits your observations. "We'll find them useful." 2009-11-10 gmri 0
Presentations Invasion Comics (Garlic Mustard) Research projects created in Comic Life. 2009-11-18 slittlefield 4
Presentations Invasion Comics (Purple Loosestrife) Comic Life Research Project 2009-11-18 slittlefield 0
Presentations Invasion Comics (Rusty Crayfish) Comic Life Research Project 2009-11-18 slittlefield 0
Presentations Invasion Comics (SnakeHead) Student research project on invasive species using Comic Life. 2009-11-20 slittlefield 2
Science Notebooks Are there invasive species way up here in Northern Maine? Here is the Science Notebook I kept while investigating a potential stand of giant hogweed in Van Buren, Maine. 2010-08-03 gmri 0