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Blog entries, Presentations Vital Communities The original idea for this project was to somehow reach out to the community and get their help in monitoring the environment. At first we thought about a big spaghetti dinner that would include the high school and its feeding grammar schools, but that may have been thinking too big. So, we took it down a notch and had the schools work independently on their own ideas to reach out to the community. This started out as a multi-school project that included one high school and three grammar schools. Early on it became evident that coordinating was going to be an issue. 2015-06-08 Breakfast Club 16
Presentations help please I.D. this fern My name is Jacob we went outside to identify plants we found`. 2013-12-09 53jt38 0
Presentations Supoer beetle dodge in this game you have to dodge the beetles. 2013-05-29 windwalker13 0
Presentations The Asian Lady Beetle Book This is a picture book about the invasive species, the Asian Lady Beetle. Related to the ladybug, this beetle was first introduced to the USA as a predator for aphids, but it quickly spread throughout the US and into Canada. This book tells the story of the invasion and has lots of pictures, too. 2013-05-28 SJReis 0
Presentations Fishy Adventures 2013-05-28 Is and Meg 0
Presentations CREATIVE KID INVASION This is a project about invasive species and how they affect their environment and native species. 2013-05-28 Singin4Lyf 0
Presentations How to Take a Species Photo How to slideshow on how to take a species photo to upload to the vital signs website 2013-05-23 swhite 0
Presentations Blueberry man's adventure 2013-05-21 seastman2019 0
Presentations The green crab invasion 2013-05-21 chainmail 0
Blog entries, Podcasts, Presentations, News articles, Videos: How-to What's In Your Backyard? Students will investigate the species found on their school campus. Field studies will begin in September and continue throughout the year as the seasons change. Students will write blog entries, document observations with photos and videos, record audio podcasts, post slide show presentations, and link to news articles. The project timeline is as follows: SEPTEMBER 1. Selection of quadrat 2. Register on Vital Signs website 3. List of producers and consumers, diagram food chains and food webs 4. Describe seed dispersal mechanisms and chance of survival OCTOBER 1. 2012-10-08 glendonrand 0