Findings: Goosefare Brook Watershed has Good Biodiversity but Phragmites is Invading

Our purpose was to find out if the Goosefare Brook ecosystem is healthy. My group focused on biodiversity. Our method was to go to sites along the Goosefare Brook watershed and count the number of different plant and animal species we found. We used a quadrat to count the number of species in a square meter. We were looking for an invasive species, phragmites. We found that phragmites is not all over the watershed, but it is in three places. Where we found it, biodiversity was lower. We concluded that the ecosystem is fairly healthy but we need to control the phragmites population so it doesn’t spread.

Project Information
City or Town: 
Old Orchard Beach
School or Organization: 
Loranger Memorial School
Scientific name:
Phragmites australis
Common name:
Freshwater - In a stream or river
Resources I used to create this project: 
Garland, Wendy. “Goosefare Brook Subwatersheds.” Map. April 4, 2016. Harvey, Meggie. TUVA phragmites OOB database. October 2017. Sims, Meagan. “Source tracking in the Goosefare brook watershed.” Presentation for LMS Sixth graders September 25, 2017.


This article included all the major parts of a research article. The Introduction clearly stated the question and referred to multiple resources. The methods were clear and the Results included tables and graphs. The Box and Dot plot was excellent for showing the significant differences. The conclusion was well stated and not overdrawn. One thing that was not clear was the connection between the biodiversity and health. The whole article was easy to read and flowed well. Well done.

~The Findings editorial board

The article is clear and the subject seems important. The data is reliable and well-presented, and is assembled in a neatly designed table and graph. I have given this a 19 out of 20.

The sections were very well organized. Another thing is that the graphs were very helpful. The last thing is that the conclusion is great because you restate your claim with supporting evidence. I give you a 15 out of 20.