Findings: Goosefare Brook is Cleaner than it was in 2013

We wanted to make sure that the Goosefare Brook was healthy because the brook leads into the ocean which is a big tourist attraction and if the water is dirty, people going in the water could get sick. We went to three different places and tested the water, looked for macroinvertebrates, and counted biodiversity. All the water tested “good”. We found lots of macroinvertebrates in one place, not as many in another, and no macroinvertebrates in the last place. In one place we found a patch of phragmites with a biodiversity count of 4, in another place they found a small patch of phragmites with a biodiversity of 7, and in the last place they didn't find any phragmites they had a biodiversity count of 7+.

Project Information
City or Town: 
Old Orchard Beach
School or Organization: 
Loranger Memorial School
Freshwater - In a stream or river
Resources I used to create this project: 
Harvey, Meggie. TUVA phragmites OOB database. October 2017. Sims, Meagan. “Source tracking in the Goosefare brook watershed.” Presentation for LMS Sixth graders September 25, 2017.


This research paper is well done from beginning to end. The introduction has multiple citations that link the project to prior findings. The question is clearly stated and represents a good choice that has possible outcomes. The methods section is excellent and written in a way that it could be repeated. The results section not only includes tables and graphs of findings but also includes pictures and the guides used. The graphs could have been redrawn to a smaller scale just capturing the data without a lot of blank space. The conclusions were backed up by the evidence collected and are not over drawn. Well done.

~The Findings editorial board

I do recommend this article for publication.
I really liked how you added specific information about what steps you took to achieve this project. The only recommendation I have for you is to not have the title and your name on the second page as well because it is considered repeated information.