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It's easy to get discouraged in the face of the many challenges we observe in the Gulf of Maine and beyond. Whether it's a warming Gulf of Maine, or the spread of invasive species throughout our watershed, I'm thinking about these challenges on a daily basis.

Vital Signs Summer Internship

Hi Vital Signs Community!

I'm Jeffrey, the 2013 VS Summer intern. In a quick blog post, I wanted to introduce myself and give all of you a quick overview of what I've done this summer for the VS community.

Shiny new data entry tools

    Time to play with the new data entry pages! We've been listening to you and watching where the data entry process trips you up. We think we've fixed some things and added some useful features. This is what we did...

VS and the Framework

    Last week at the Maine Science Teachers Association (MSTA) annual conference Rhonda Tate of Dedham School and I got to share Vital Signs with a group of interested teachers from around the state. One of the big topics at MSTA this year was the Framework for K-12 Science Education and the development of the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS). I was excited to show these teachers some of connections between Vital Signs and the science practices outlined in the Framework. Here’s some of what I shared.

Vital Signs is mobile!!

    Breaking news! Check it out.

Participants rock the ID cards

    Have you seen the VS species ID cards library lately? For years we had been dreaming of the day when all of our ID card photos and content would be generated by VS participants. We took a first big leap towards that big dream this summer.

Sharing VS with CA

    “We’d like Vital Signs to be the keynote presentation at our California Biodiversity Citizen Science Meeting at the California Academy of Sciences. We’re so impressed with your amazing program. We admire how you combine many elements we are looking for in our future citizen science program."

    How could we say no to that?!

    Conference proceedings
    (Vital Signs keynote starts on page 38)

10-minute VS party

I experimented last week with a different webinar approach - a PARTY! of sorts - that would give educators a quick overview of the website enhancements, and serve as a quick refresher just before the start of the spring field season.

New look, new tools

    You've all probably noticed that the website looks different, feels different, acts differently than it did the last time you played around with it. Here's an official run-down of the changes we launched on March 16, 2012. Since 2009, we've spent a lot of time listening and watching how the site has been used, and hope you find these updates as motivating and useful as we do. Special thanks to Misty, Liem, Neil, and Dana from Image Works for their heroic efforts pulling this off in time for the spring field season!

August 2011 Educator Institutes

    August was a busy month for the Vital Signs community and the Gulf of Maine Research Institute's Education Group. We concluded the summer with two educator institutes. In the first two weeks of the month, two different and equally engaged and phenomenal groups of educators came through the doors of the big gray building on Commercial Street. Check out some of what we did!
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