Vital Signs Citizen Scientists - Future Maine Conservation Leaders


It's easy to get discouraged in the face of the many challenges we observe in the Gulf of Maine and beyond. Whether it's a warming Gulf of Maine, or the spread of invasive species throughout our watershed, I'm thinking about these challenges on a daily basis.


But some days provide the inspiration I need to press on, renewing my passion and reminding me why I do what I do. I had one of those days early last month, when I attended the Maine Woods Forever round table meeting at Unity College.

I made the trip to support and celebrate a team of 7th grade students from Massabesic Middle School. That day, they accepted the Teddy Roosevelt Maine Conservation Award, which recognizes young people and youth organizations working to conserve Maine’s forest heritage. This was a true testament to the importance of the work Vital Signs citizen scientists do every day.

Read more about my amazing day and these inspiring students on the GMRI blog here.