Bird Baths Don't Help Attract Bird to a Feeder more than a Singular Feeder Would

Is it easier to attract birds to your feeder if you place a bird bath next to it? Will the bath affect the birds who visit the feeder because of the suspected convenience provided? To find this out, I placed two identical feeders in similar places, one with a bird bath near it, and weighed the feeders every few days. Then, I would always reset them to the same amount of general bird seed in grams. After doing this for a month and a half, I found that including a bird bath in your backyard will not help draw birds to said backyard. The feeder that didn’t have the bath near it drew a lot more birds, and as a comparison, the high point of the feeder with was 118 grams eaten, whereas the high of the one without was 142 grams, with a difference of 24.5 grams between the two. It helped the feeder without that the heated bird bath was out of commision at several points due to faulty outlets, accidental unpluggings, and decapitated extension cords, but at those points I knew that the data was corrupt, and overlooked it. However, in the times in between, the feeder without the bath still took a significant lead over the feeder with. That leads me to believe that the bath was unnecessary.

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If other people try the experiment they would need references to study more into this. Also the graphs were a little confusing and mixed up. The last thing is that there were some grammar mistakes. Overall it was a good article but, unfortunately, the total score, 14/20, not high enough to be published.