Analysis: Map layers

Not sure quite what to do with your species observations yet?
Up for trying something fun and playing a bit with data and maps?


Explore your data on the Vital Signs map

1. Launch the MAP
2. Click the "Change Search" button to search by:

  • Species name
  • Town
  • Habitat
  • Watershed
  • Date
  • Invasive or native species
  • Species found or not found
  • IDs confirmed or questioned by experts

3. Use the How-To Guides at the bottom of the map page to find new ways to use the map

More mapping power!

Make a Google Earth layer of your data

Google Earth is a much more powerful mapping tool you can use to see your Vital Signs data with other layers of information. There are 12 simple steps to creating a Google Earth .kml file of your VS data:

    Tutorial: How to create a Google Earth map layer of your own dataset

Add layers of information

Once your Vital Signs dataset is in Google Earth, you can layer on more information and see what you can learn! Layers are available in VS Share Curriculum Resources: Analysis Resources and through Maine Department of Environmental Protection

Use these questions to guide you as you explore your new map

  • Do you see anything that surprises you?
  • Can you learn more by zooming in?
  • What patterns do you see?
  • Write down the new questions you have as you cruise the map, and let these questions drive your next investigation